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How do we live? What do we eat? How do we get around? Our daily way of live has a huge impact on our planet. Day by day, CO2 emissions are created by driving cars, heating, cooking, working, celebrating and flying. Find out the amount of CO2 emissions created by your personal way of life with ease, using the myclimate footprint calculator.

You can take responsibility for your unavoidable emissions by providing equivalent support to high-quality myclimate climate protection projects. These climate protection projects reduce not only climate-impacting emissions, but also contribute to sustainable development in the project region. This benefits not only the climate but also the local population.

Calculation basis

The myclimate footprint calculator offers an initial, simple, behaviourally-based estimation of the CO2 emissions that a person produces in one year. This calculation includes emission values in the fields of mobility, consumption and living.

Calculation principles of the myclimate carbon footprint calculator

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