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Climate protection begins at home!

Calculate the unavoidable CO2 emissions using the myclimate household calculator and support one of myclimate’s climate protection projects. CO2 emissions that are harmful to the climate arise in all areas of life. Our ecological footprint is also influenced by our behaviour in our immediate environment, our private household. Turn your heating down by one degree, ventilate rooms intensely for short periods of time and use energy-efficient electric devices. Make a climate protection contribution equating to the remaining, unavoidable emissions with myclimate.

As well as preventing CO2 emissions, myclimate projects also pursue additional goals such as the general improvement of living conditions for the people in the project region. This is guaranteed by creating jobs, improving hygiene standards and protecting biodiversity. This means that it is not only the climate that benefits; the local population does as well.

Calculation principles

The myclimate household calculator determines the emissions that arise in your household through heating and power. The emission factors for the calculation of your heating emissions include both direct emissions (combustion) and indirect emissions (extraction, processing and transportation of the fuel). If you are unable to provide any details with regard to heating energy consumption, myclimate will estimate your heating emissions based on the heated living space and the building standard.

Calculation principles of the myclimate household calculator

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