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Donate an efficient cook stove for women in Kenya

In rural communities in western Kenya, food is traditionally cooked over an open fire. Thanks to the efficient cook stoves, 40 to 50 per cent less firewood is used, saving households a lot of time and money. The women finance their subsidised cook stoves in local saving and loaning groups. In addition, these saving groups finance medical health care, school fees or high-quality seed.

Price for a stove CHF 90.00

Donate a biogas plant to a family in India

A biogas plant makes it possible to cook without firewood, which reduces deforestation. Plus, the families are no longer exposed to harmful soot particles. The organic fertiliser, a by-product of the biogas plant, also replaces environmentally harmful chemical fertilisers. This way you can make a gift of quality of life, while helping to protect the environment.

Price of a biogas plant CHF 490.00

Pay for the reforestation of a piece of forest in Nicaragua

Support this reforestation project in Nicaragua, the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Families with small farms are reforesting unused parts of their land with local tree varieties. The programme combines practical nature conservation with the creation of new income sources for local families.

Price for 1000m2 of forest (140 trees) CHF 220.00

All offset payments and donations to myclimate (Switzerland and Germany) are tax-deductible.

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