Your flight:

From: Amsterdam (NL), AMS to: Ban Mak Khaeng (TH), BAO, One way, Economy Class, ca. 9,000 km, 1 traveller

CO2 amount: 1.7 t

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Support international projects and sustainable development worldwide:

Compensation in climate projects in developing and newly industrialising countries.

CHF 49.00

Or select a specific region or project for your compensation:

Enable efficient cookers for women in Kenya with your compensation.

CHF 53.00

Help smallhold farmers in Nicaragua with reforestation with your compensation.

CHF 50.00

Compensation at least half in swiss climate protection projects.

CHF 153.00

My carbon footprint

My flight
1.7 t CO2
The maximum amount of CO2 a person should produce per year in order to halt climate change
0.600 t CO2
The amount of CO2 a citizen of the EU produces each year on average
8.4 t CO2