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myclimate is committed to effective climate protection worldwide. CO2 emissions are successfully saved in over 140 climate protection projects. Now you can support us even more easily: Set up your myclimate climate protection subscription once and calculate your emissions on a regular basis!

You will then receive a personal donation confirmation. All climate protection contributions and donations to myclimate (Germany and Switzerland) are tax-deductible.

The payments you authorise are converted into tonnes of CO2 and saved in climate protection projects. The payments will be charged to you at the selected rate. You can adjust or cancel your subscription at any time. Simply write an email to

The ecological footprint was developed by Mathis Wackernagel and William Rees in the mid-​1990s and it has since been implemented as an indicator for sustainability. It represents the demands made on the ecosystem and natural resources.

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Everyone can make a contribution to climate protection! True to the motto "Get information – get active – protect the climate", we can take responsibility for our own ecological footprint, including for our CO2 emissions. The most common everyday causes of harmful emissions are travel with cars or aeroplanes, heating and electricity usage and our consumption behaviour.

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The myclimate climate protection projects reduce emissions by replacing fossil energy sources with renewable energy or by promoting energy-​efficient technologies. High-​quality climate protection projects also contribute to social, ecological and economic development in their respective regions.